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Child Care Center Lunch Caterer Offers Organic Menu

Menus Offer Great Taste, All the Nutrition Kids Need

Quality Catering now offers a full organic menu for child care centers and preschools in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin, with 20 different entrees all prepared to please children’s palates and to please parents who prefer their children receive organic meals.

"This new menu includes kids' favorites such as chicken tenders, meatballs and beef tacos -- all with the nutritional value and flavor all Quality Catering meals are known for," said Jim Scharnell, president of the company that caters hot meals and snacks to child care centers, preschools, child development centers and adult day care centers in the Chicago area and throughout northern Illinois as well as the metro Milwaukee area and southeastern Wisconsin. "Our organic customers also can expect the reliable delivery and great customer service we are known for," he added.

Quality Catering has had organic foods on one of its many menus for two years and earlier eliominated trans fats from its meals. The recent addition of organic beef, chicken and bread sources now lets the company provide an organic menu with all the food groups children need for proper health and development.

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Jordan Kaplan, director of food service operations at Quality Catering, said the company has found certified organic beef and organic chicken suppliers that can provide quality products, and a local bakery that is known for its organic bread.

Until now, the Quality Catering organic menu included fruits, vegetables, noodles and rice.

"With the meats and bread, we now have all five components needed for a complete organic meal," Kaplan said.

All the organic products meet the USDA's criteria for organic foods, he added. The bakery that is providing the bread, West Town Bakery & Diner in Chicago, also is a certified Green Restaurant, based on its sustainable operating practices.

Nutritionally Complete Meals Meet USDA Standards

Each meal on the Quality Catering organic menu meets the nutritional requirements of the USDA's Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP), according to Emily Botma, the company's licensed, Registered Dietitian who ensures that Quality Catering meals meet government guidelines for childhood nutrition.

Quality Catering provides full ingredient and nutritional information for all its meals.

"We're so confident in the nutritional value of our meals that we make the data readily available," Scharnell said. "That includes our organic menu, which further supports our First in Nutrition approach to meals for children."

While organic foods have the same nutritional value as other foods, some child care centers and some parents prefer organic meals based on the way the food is grown or raised, he added.

Menu Includes Variety of Entrees Kids Enjoy

"We're responding to that demand with meals that meet our high standards for nutrition and with a taste kids will enjoy," he said. "Our new organic menu provides a great lineup of meals we are proud of for their nutritional value, taste and variety."

Besides the entrees mentioned above, the Quality Catering organic menu currently includes pizza noodle bake, sloppy joes, Polynesian chicken, chicken teriyaki, chicken chili, mostaccoli, spaghetti with meat sauce, meatballs au jus, Hawaiian meatballs, BBQ meatballs, fiesta chicken, and chicken in country gravy. The menu will expand as new entrees are developed and taste-tested, Scharnell said.

A limited vegetarian option also is available from Quality Catering. Those menus include items such as cheese ravioli, red beans and rice, vegetarian chili, veggie burgers and cheese sandwiches.

Childhood nutrition has been the focus of Quality Catering since its founding in 1976.

Call Now!

For more information on organic meals or vegetarian for child care centers, call Jordan at 1-888-356-7513 X 299.

Quality Catering is committed to childhood nutrition. Its menus are developed with the guidance of an on-staff Registered Dietitian. Cooked foods are prepared in a manner that retains nutritional value and flavor. Because its menus are "kid-tested," a higher percentage of each of Quality Catering's meals is consumed, adding to the nutrition value. Quality Catering is the only such company in the Midwest to have its kitchens USDA inspected each work day to ensure safe food handling.